Good news! I'm booking new work starting September 2018. LAPTOPS ARE MY SUPERPOWER


Currently, I spend my working hours contracting for a small but growing list of clients and collaborators.

Doing What?

I'm a web development generalist. Most expert in developing front end web sites and applications, I’m also confident in back end development, design, video & audio production (shooting, recording, mixing, editing, etc.) and skateboards.

I love making things and spend most of my time helping clients turn their ideas into reality.

I've built services enabling better reporting and analaytics data for a large scale financing firm (Angular, PHP, Rails and D3.js). I've built a tutoring application allowing students to subscribe and tutors to get paid for web based tutoring session including video chat, shared real-time document editing and screensharing (Stripe, Django, Angular, Node and

I've also worked with a business leadership coach to take his paper based process into the web application world, and continue to work with him to take that application from a one-off solution for his clients into a platform that users can subscribe to and use indepent of his coaching services (Django, Stripe).

To be more particular, here are a few buzzwords and technologies:

Web Development

Front End

I’ve been doing front end development using a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript for nearly 10 years.

I’m up to speed on the CSS 3 & HTML 5 specifications as well as what is currently implemented in modern browsers. Because I’ve been doing this for so long I’m comfortable knowing what features and options we’ll need to adjust as we support more browsers and devices as well as how to include more browsers and devices by default using methods like responsive web design and progressive enhancement.

Back End

I’ve been doing back end development using a combination of Python, Ruby and Javascript for 8 years.

In the past few months I’ve employed Python, Ruby, PHP, and Javascript on the server side of the equation. Building from scratch and (more frequently) using modern web frameworks to facilitate new work.

If I get to choose the technology stack, I'll likely be using Javascript (Node) or Python (Django or Flask) on the back end.

Audio / Video

I've been doing audio & video production for small projects almost as long as I've been building websites and applications. Nearly weekly I produce a multi-guest movie review podcast with a few friends using Logic. About once a month I use Final Cut X to publish short video updates to our friends and family. I’ve even done a bit of work with compositing and After Effects.

Work History

For the majority of the past ten years I've been an independent contractor operating as a hired gun for all sorts of clients and teams with two notable exceptions:

Fight for the Future: 9/2011 - 4/2013

At Fight for the Future I was employee #3 of the most aggressive copyright and information freedom non-profit in the world. I spent most of my time doing front end development and infrastructure building, and for a while I was the only developer beyond the occasional contractor brought on for specific projects, so that meant working with advocacy platforms like BSD Tools, Action Kit and Salsa to run the sort of campaigns that convince Google, Wikipedia, Wordpress and Mozilla to join the fight.

Canonical: 7/2008 - 2/2011

At Canonical I was a part of the initial Ubuntu One team, building a suite of services for Ubuntu users. For nearly three years I worked remotely with a team of world class engineers, handling most of the front end CSS and HTML and some of the Javascript for a set of increasingly complex products centered around syncing and sharing content.


I’m available starting in December (2018) for new projects. Rates of $135 / hour with a discount for weekly booking at $5000 ($125 / hour).

How to get started?

No rocket surgery there:

  1. Email me to introduce yourself and your project
  2. We’ll hash out the details and come up with an estimate of time.
  3. To kick off the work you’ll need to pay either 1/2 of the total estimated cost or two weeks of my time up front, whichever is smaller. This makes sure I’m focused on your project and you’ve got skin in the game.
  4. We do work! I typically like to check in daily with progress. I also revel in being independent, so we can schedule whatever meetings or phone calls you like, but I may be working from an undisclosed bunker in Alaska from time-to-time.
  5. When the work is finished to mutual approval you pay the final invoice and we both ride off into the sunset.

Video production

I'm starting to offer a handful of clients video production work - everything from shooting, editing, post-production and publishing. Because each project requires different resources - including equipment and additional staff - I can't publish a rate with any degree of accuracy. If you have a project in mind you'd like me to put together a quote for send me a note, I'd love to chat.