Good news! I'm booking new work starting November 2018.



I'm a 36 year old nerd living & working in my family’s recently adopted home of Portland, Oregon. My wife and I moved here with our 2.5 year old March 2013 after dreaming of the Pacific Northwest for nearly 8 years and we couldn’t be happier.

I spend a significant amount of my time working as an independent web developer. I’m also incredibly fond of watching movies, talking to my friends for publication & spending quality time with my family.

I’m pretty deep into music: writing, performing, listening, etc. I led the worship department at our church in Florida for 6-7 years and still do church music occasionally when the opportunity presents itself.

Colophon (for version#pants)

It’s fun to learn how people build things! is a small Node.js application using Swig templates, Stylus for CSS pre-processing (which I find vastly superior to Sass), and scarcely anything else very interesting. It’s hosted on Heroku (for free because they are wonderful and offer free low-resource hosting).

For the front page I'm hitting the Instagram, Rdio and Tumblr APIs. For now that content is just getting stuffed into MongoDB that way no one has to wait on an API call to finish to see the content.

Eventually I’d like to take my blog back from it’s current home on Tumblr but can’t make up my mind about a blog engine to use. I've also got a todo.txt outlining things I need to do around here. Follow along from home!